Don't Follow Trump

Donald Trump’s oversized ego feeds off his growing number of Twitter followers. The aim here is to put a serious dent in that number (and thus his ego), freeing you from the dishonor of publicly following him while still staying informed of all his classless, morally suspect, intellectually anemic, undiplomatic Twitter burps in real time.

You’ll receive an email with every Tweet and Retweet of Trump’s (images included), which will contain a handy link to the original Tweet should you want to monitor the replies on Twitter or reply yourself (remember, you can reply to a Tweet without actually following that person).

The process is easy and discreet:

1) Unfollow Trump on Twitter

2) Sign up at

3) You’ll immediately begin receiving Trump’s Tweets in your inbox!

We will never share your contact information with any third party. You can easily unsubscribe at any time (just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Don’t Follow Trump email).

Please share this service with your likeminded friends — together, we can make a powerful political statement to Trump and the international community that online attention does not automatically equal endorsement!